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Which one is Your Father? Look for the best Father’s Day present for your Father

by GoWith Socks 04 Jun 2024
Father son running together wearing GoWith Socks

Table of Contents

8 Best Socks for Every Type Of Dad 

  1. For the Office Dad: Premium Bamboo Dress Socks 
  2. For the Quirky and Fun Dad: Funny Dress Socks 
  3. For the Jet-Setting Dad: Compression Socks 
  4. For the Outdoorsy Dad: Lightweight Merino Wool Socks 
  5. For the Sportsy Dad: Breathable Bamboo Socks
  6. For the Elderly or Safety-Conscious Dad: Grip Socks
  7. For the Retro-Style Dad: Striped College Socks
  8. For the Eco-Friendly Dad: 97% Cotton Socks 
Where to Find the Best Pair of Socks for Father’s Day Gift Idea?


8 Best Socks for Every Type Of Dad

The time of the year to celebrate the day dedicated to our dad is coming. And it can be quite challenging to find the perfect gift for them. This year, we're making it simpler, but more functional - socks. Yes, you heard it right—socks! You’ll be surprised to see how simple Father's Day gift ideas can bring so much happiness to our special man in the family. Here’s a list of socks that are equally unique and fit perfectly to different types of dads:

1. For the Office Dad: Premium Bamboo Dress Socks


Let's begin with the dads who mostly spend their time in conference halls and boardrooms  or the so-called office dads. It’s always important that dads in the office look sharp. Thankfully, Gowith’s Premium Bamboo Dress Socks provide the comfort and elegance that they need on their work days. 
Our Bamboo Dress Socks aren’t your typical socks. These bad boys are made from 80% Bamboo, 17% Polyamide, and 3% Lycra, offering a much more breathable space. 
The magic of our Bamboo Crew Dress Socks means it has moisture-wicking wizards, keeping sweaty feet at bay and leaving them feeling dry and fresh all day long. And let's not forget about that seamless design—no more annoying rubbing or irritation, just pure comfort! 
So whether he's strutting into a big presentation or kicking back at his desk, our Bamboo Crew Dress Socks are the secret weapon every office dad needs in his arsenal. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it


2. For the Quirky and Fun Dad: Funny Dress Socks 


If your old man's got a flair for fun and a knack for standing out in a crowd, then you're gonna want to hear about our Funny Dress Socks. These babies are like a party for his feet. 
Imagine this: instead of the same old boring socks he's been wearing since the Stone Age, he's gonna sport socks that practically burst with personality. Our socks are a total upgrade designed with eye-catching hues, wacky patterns, and graphics that will make heads turn. These socks go beyond comfort, it’s also a good accessory! 
With these socks, say goodbye to sweaty socks that ruin your fit. So whether he's slaying the dance floor at a wedding, showing off at the office, or just relaxing at home, our Funny Dress Socks are the perfect accessory for his fun personality! 


3. For the Jet-Setting Dad: Compression Socks

These socks are for the dads who enjoy jet-setting around like he's got his private runway. On the road to becoming his new travel BFF, because seriously, these socks are like first class for his feet! While traveling, his legs will surely feel like they've been stuck in the economy for days, and that's where these bad boys come in. Our Knee High Bamboo Compression Socks
come in two styles. One - the Merino Wool Compression Socks in black, and the Bamboo Compression Socks, in five colors, mainly black, pink, green, orange, and blue. 
And it's not just for flights, folks. These socks are MVPs for any travel situation. The best part is that aside from this being a practical choice, it is also incredibly comfortable. These socks, which are composed of a bamboo and other material blend, are like a warm hug for his feet, keeping them content and healthy as he travels. 
Therefore, do your jet-setting dad a favor and get him any or even both of our Knee-high compression socks as your Father’s Day gift. You won't regret him, sashaying through the airport like a pro!

4. For the Outdoorsy Dad: Lightweight Merino Wool Socks


If your dad often goes camping, hiking or engaging in outdoor activities, then our Lightweight Merino Wool Socks for Hiking fit the bill. Packed with superior insulation, these socks keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their ability to evaporate moisture guarantees dry feet and their lightweight construction offers comfort without adding bulk. They make the perfect traveling companion for any outdoor activity. 


Meanwhile, if you are looking for something more gentle on the skin, you can opt for the Alpaca Hiking Socks. It provides comparable advantages, and superior warmth and insulation making it ideal for cold-weather activities. Even on the most strenuous walks, his feet will remain dry and blister-free thanks to alpaca wool's natural fibers' remarkable moisture-wicking properties.  


5. For the Sportsy Dad: Breathable Bamboo Socks


Our Bamboo Low cut Athletic Socks are excellent for your pops if he's the activesort, the kind who always hits the pavement for a run, works out hard at the gym, or perfects his golf swing. These socks come with arch support and have a zero-cushion design providing that minimalist feel. No matter how tough the activity gets, those feet stay dry and cool thanks to the ventilation that lasts for days. 
Since the gym is all about getting all sweaty too, no need to worry, as these socks include inherent antibacterial and odor-resistant qualities. Go ahead, treat your sporty dad to the sock upgrade he deserves.


6. For the Elderly or Safety-Conscious Dad: Grip Socks


For elderly dads or those who require a little extra stability, Grip Socks are the most ideal. It seems fitting that they have a little more support to help them stay upright as they gracefully negotiate life's turns and turns. For the seasoned fathers out there, our Crew Grip Socks are a real game-changer. 
With non-slip grips on the soles to add a layer of safety on slick surfaces, these socks are like a guardian angel for your dad's feet. 
More than safety, these socks also value comfort. This warm merino wool provides a comforting hug that's ideal for chilly nights spent at home or stubbornly cold flooring. It's similar to cuddling up with a warm blanket over your feet without having to deal with the trouble of truly finding one large enough!


7. For the Retro-Style Dad: Striped College Socks


If your dad's more into the classic retro vibe, then you've hit the jackpot with our Striped College Socks. Bring back those old-school stripes that scream vintage charm, pumping dad’s outfit with an extra dash of style. 
Apart from style, these are functional too. These retro socks are made up of premium cotton and are not only incredibly fashionable but also comfortable. It’s also composed of lightweight material that is comfortable on the skin. 
Whether he pairs these socks with shoes, loafers, or sandals, they are the ideal accent to any casual look. No matter where the day takes him, they are like that reliable sidekick who never fails him.


8. For the Eco-Friendly Dad: 97% Cotton Socks


And there are dads out there, who’s all about caring for the environment. If he’s your dad, then he’d enjoy a pair of our almost 100% Cotton Dress Socks. These socks are made up of 97% cotton, and 3% elastane, making them breathable and gentle on the skin. It’s also eco-friendly, recyclable and can be biodegraded. 
This simple gesture of purchasing eco-friendly gifts will warm your dad’s heart. Also, it has a natural undyed color to prompt more rawness, freeing it from any dye or artificial chemicals. Its seamless toe design eliminates irritation and rubbing on the toes, making it an ideal pair for dad’s long walk.


Where to Find the Best Pair of Socks for Father’s Day Gift Idea

We all know finding the perfect gift for dads, is challenging, much more if you’re looking for last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas. No need to worry, because purchases from GoWith can be confirmed till 2 pm, and delivered via FedEx within 1-2 working days all around the US. You can also opt to purchase in bundles, and dress up your own socks basket, for Father's day basket ideas. 


Giving dad a pair of chic and cozy socks from our selection is the perfect way tocelebrate Father's Day with them. Whether he's an adventurer, a professional, a die-hard sports enthusiast, or just wants to show off his individuality, we have the perfect pair for him. Say goodbye to boring presents and take a pick from our assortment of socks today to give your dad the gift he truly deserves.

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