Grip Socks

Grip socks are innovative hosiery that combines style with functionality to enhance comfort while increasing performance during physical activity. Although socks are perfect to protect your feet from cold and irritation, they may decrease the contact between the feet and the shoes, thereby causing slippery treads. Grip socks are therefore a long-time essential for everyday use in addition to yoga enthusiasts, ballet performers and athletes.

What are Grip Socks?

Socks with grips are specially designed accessories that have silicone or rubber pads or dots to create a non-slip surface at the bottom. Thus, they offer more stable and reliable steps to enable you a comfortable and more responsive movement that will ensure that you safely and efficiently handle training, hiking or playing football or soccer with more agility.

How Do Grip Socks Work?

As cited above, a sock with a grip features non-slippery material at the sole to increase friction, thereby reducing and preventing slipping in your shoes. So, these grip socks increase the accord between the socks and the shoes to increase the stability of your body for physical activities such as running, training, tackling a ball, dancing and yoga. In addition, some warm socks also feature non-slippery soles to ensure a comfortable and non-slip walk in your house.

Why Wear Grip Socks?

Thanks to its smart design, grip socks are ideal for all people since they bring remarkable advantages.

Elevate Performance

The primary benefit of grip socks is their contribution to increasing traction which will enhance stability and agility.

Physical Activities

Soccer, football, hiking or running requires strong steps to resist the slippery nature of pitches and the outdoor areas where brisk movements are crucial to tackle the ball, reach the zenith or avoid slipping or falling behind. Grip socks will help you step securely on the ground to rapidly start running, utilizing all your energy to move forward or shoot a ball.  

Yoga and Dance

Yoga and dance are performed on hard grounds which increases the risk of slipping. Grip socks for yoga and dance classes and performances are therefore a necessity to improve traction for gentle moves.

Ensure Personal Safety and Protect Skin

Grip socks are also helpful for preventing injuries and accidents that will enhance personal safety. By ensuring a secure step on the ground, these socks will prevent accidents while their soft texture helps reduce blisters.

GoWith offers a high-quality assortment of grip socks manufactured from merino wool to keep your feet warm while the cotton-made models are ideal for use during ballet or yoga sessions. In addition, their material is breathable to ensure comfortable wear by removing moisture and sweat, and keeping your feet dry even during long practice. Furthermore, they are available in different lengths and therefore, you can find no show socks for yoga and ballet training and crew socks for everyday use.

You might wonder

Is It Worth Buying Grip Socks?

Grip socks pay for your expense by ensuring a safe step on the ground for enhanced performance while protecting your feet from chafing and injuries.

How To Wash Grip Socks?

Grip socks can be machine washed but you are recommended to avoid bleach or boiling them. Furthermore, the socks should be washed inside-out and the water must be 30°C (86°F).

Can You Put Grip Socks In The Dryer?

Grip socks should only be air-dried since using a dryer may cause damage.