Women's Golf Socks

Women’s golf socks are specially designed hosiery for women to enhance their comfort during their long golf around the 18 holes in the golf course. Although golf is not a physically demanding sport like soccer or basketball, it still needs great concentration during the game for the best shots. Despite being overlooked while shopping for golfing attire, golf socks are important to maintain the feet’s comfort with additional support, enhanced breathability and dryness.

What Socks to Wear with Golf Shoes?

Breathable, soft and moisture wicking socks are the best type of socks to wear with golf shoes. Therefore, women’s golf socks on GoWith are manufactured from bamboo or cotton which feature a soft texture that will minimize friction and irritation, thereby lowering the blisters. Additionally, bamboo socks for women are highly moisture- wicking and they can provide you with cooler and dryer steps by removing the sweat and wetness from the lower levels to the upper part to increase evaporation and keep the interior dry.

Furthermore, women’s golf socks on GoWith feature air mesh ventilation construction that is designed to increase the air circulation around the feet to prevent overheating and odor even after a long golf game during a hot day. In addition, we offer low-cut socks for golfing to provide soft and breathable protection for your feet while preventing the ankles from overheating. Moreover, these low-cut athletic socks have arch support for softer steps while seamless toe design and heel protection lower the rubbing. These women’s golf socks also have reinforced toes and heels to last longer after long golfing days.