Non Slip Socks for Women

Women’s non-slip socks feature non-slip rubber tape either around the top opening of the socks or at the sole of the socks to ensure you are safe with secure and confident steps. Therefore, GoWith offers non-slip socks for women to keep your socks in their position and secure your steps. Particularly the no show socks for women are inclined to bunch up or pop off and slide inside the shoes. Additionally, some places may require you to take your shoes off just like the yoga or pilates classes, and step on the floor or you may want to have more comfort at home feeling the floor. However, the floor will be quite slippery especially when you step on them with the shoes.

Our collection of women’s non slip socks also includes bamboo and cotton no show socks that have silicon rubber tape around the shoe opening to keep the socks in their right position while the rubber pads under the sole ensure your socks do not skip inside your shoes.

Women’s non-slip socks are designed and produced considering these cases and the rubber pads at the sole provide additional grip and traction for you to have the same comfort and confidence without your shoes. Thus, they are ideal for use in hospitals to protect your feet from cold while bringing slip-resistant steps. Additionally, there are yoga socks and pilates socks with no-show sock designs and these non-slip socks for women provide enhanced comfort to move freely and securely without compromising your safety.

Moreover, we offer winter socks for women with non slip technology to protect your feet from cold with thick merino wool socks reaching up to mid calves to protect your lower leg as well. Therefore, they will enhance your comfort in your house by providing you with additional grip on the floorboard while warming your feet on the cold winter nights.