Over the Knee Socks

Over the knee socks are one of the longest sock types and they extend over your knees as their names suggest and reach just below your thighs. Maintaining their popularity all through decades, these long socks for women not only offer an elegance that will enhance your appearance but also bring comfort and warmth that you will enjoy even during cold days.

Why Should You Get Over the Knee Socks for Yourself? 

Because over the knee socks are versatile and functional socks that offer enhanced elegance in addition to their warmth. Firstly, women’s over the knee socks have a large area of fabric that can be decorated with different designs, colors and patterns. So, you can find solid-colored classic options in black or white or you can make a selection among the patterned models which feature stripes in eye-catching colors. 

Furthermore, these warm socks are a stylish clothing element that will add charm and sleekness to your outfit when combined with proper elements. You can wear them over your skin leaving your upper legs bare and pair them with a dazzling mini-skirt. Or, you can elevate your appearance by pairing them with short dresses or shorts. However, when the weather is cold and you still want to enjoy a walk outside, you can wear these over-the-knee socks with your tights or leggings to ensure your warmth even in the winter.

Where Can I Buy Over the Knee Socks?

GoWith also presents exquisite designs of over the knee socks which are designed in Germany and produced in Turkiye with the highest quality materials. Boasting a 22 (56 cm) length from heel to the top, the women’s over the knee socks in our collection feature a blend of polyamide for durability, elastane for superior stretchiness and 80% cotton, a widely used natural fabric to make it suitable for most skin types.