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Athletic Socks

Athletic socks promise the utmost comfort for your training, running or any other physical activity in your house or outside in a park, forest or field. Choosing proper clothing and shoes is remarkably important to ensure a high performance doing sports or even doing some chores in your house. Therefore, you may get breathable clothes to prevent overheating and perfectly comfortable shoes but socks are still the key to ensure you fully benefit from the shoes you are wearing.

Athletic socks are therefore a must-have hosiery to be a part of every person’s inventory because of the features they offer.

What is the Purpose of Athletic Socks?

Athletic socks primarily aim to keep your feet dry by removing moisture and sweat while maintaining your comfort with additional support. Thus, these sports socks feature:

  • High-quality construction from bamboo and cotton as well as nylon to last longer while ensuring your comfort. Bamboo socks are perfect moisture wicking socks that will keep your feet dry by eliminating sweat and moisture.
  • Air-mesh ventilation design that allows higher breathability for a cooler interior to prevent overheating.
  • Arch supports just under your feet at the sole to bring softer steps and achilles protection to protect your feet from irritation by the shoes.
  • Reinforced heels and toes to ensure durability so that you can use these socks for extended periods.
  • Seamless toe design to minimize friction which may cause blisters and discomfort.

How to Choose Athletic Socks?

When you visit GoWith to see the available athletic socks, you will see several different designs and lengths among which it is quite difficult to find the best one for your needs without trying it on. Therefore, we present a brief list of suggestions on how to find your perfect pair:

Start with deciding on the length of the socks you will feel the most comfortable. Low-cut socks are the most common type of athletic socks since they are a lot cooler to wear. However, if you wish to wear sports socks during cooler days or in a forest, you can also check the crew socks with stripe patterns that are also ideal as tennis socks. Or, you can take a look at our anti-slip no-show socks that are intended for yoga or ballet training. Additionally, you can choose compression socks which are designed to improve physical performance by improving blood circulation.

Afterward, you can make your material selection which is offered in bamboo or cotton. Both material types are available in a diverse range of colors and patterns and so, it is possible to find solid black or white athletic socks to use for jogging and tennis or there are colorful socks to be used not only for training but also for hiking.