Men's Striped Socks

Men’s striped socks present a beautiful look with elegant designs of stripes and appeal to a diverse array of styles with their compatibility with many attire types. We, therefore, present high-quality striped socks men would want to have to enrich their appearance with either classic models or add an eye-catching piece with retro-inspired models.

GoWith has a long experience and rich expertise in the sock manufacturing industry and also offers a collection of attractive stripe socks in different materials, lengths and patterns. Our alpaca wool hiking socks have thicker construction to provide more warmth and reach up to mid-calf to provide protection against higher shoes as well. So, they can safely be used as boot socks. Additionally, we have cotton quarter socks for men which boast an eye-catching appearance with a white base and variously colored stripes at the top. Showcasing this retro look, these men’s striped socks have cushioned soles and seamless toes to soften your steps while reinforced toes and heels offer an increased life time.  

Additionally, we have low-cut socks for men with horizontal stripes and they are made of a high-quality blend of linen and cotton to offer you the utmost comfort for your everyday activities.