Knee High Socks for Men

Knee-high socks for men in our collection are designed to provide everyday socks for men to increase their feet' health while protecting them from cold and the harm of shoes on the skin. Knee-high socks may be considered a staple for women’s clothing but they can also be used by men since they cover a lot more part of your leg, thereby providing more protection against the cold while maintaining their elegance.

Compression Technology for Better Athletic Performance and Feet Health

However, men’s knee-high socks on GoWith boast a superior design that features gradual compression to improve the blood circulation in your feet and lower leg. Since gravity has a negative effect on our blood flow by complicating the circulation through applying a downforce. Our compression socks for men are, therefore, engineered to reverse the situation by applying gradually decreasing pressure as the highest at the bottom and the lowest at the top.

So, you can train, cycle or hike as assured that your feet have sufficient oxygen feed with improved blood circulation that brings fresh and nutritious blood. Additionally, these knee-high socks for men help your muscles recover from fatigue much quicker with enhanced oxygen feed.

Men knee high socks on GoWith are available in different compression levels. While 15-20 MmHg compression socks are ideal for everyday use, you should be getting 20-30 MmHg athletic socks to increase your performance during intensive training, cycling or climbing. Moreover, our men knee high socks are made either from natural materials such as merino wool or bamboo which are both breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, or synthetic materials such as polyamide and elastane which present more stability and durability for workouts. These socks are also available in various colors including solid black socks or striped options as well as the patterned colorful or white socks.