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Dress Socks

Dress socks are must-have necessities for every man’s wardrobe. Weddings, business meetings, or banquets are among the events and occasions which you will attend frequently and most of the time, you are required to wear an elegant and stylish suit or have formal attire.

Dress socks are, therefore, frequently-needed clothing elements that are great to wear while going to work or attending formal events. So, we carry a high-quality collection of fashionable and comfortable dress socks in different models, colors, and styles.

What to Consider When Buying Dress Socks?

Our dress socks are intended and produced to enhance your appearance and complement your outfit with the best designs which are primarily offered in three material types:

Material - What Are They Made Of?

Considering the importance of your feet comfort during an all-day long in your office or a crowded wedding, GoWith has designed and developed various blends of materials to provide different advantages for different needs.

Bamboo Dress Socks: Comprising 80% Bamboo, 17% Polyamide, and 3% Lycra, bamboo dress socks offer lightweight clothing and eco-friendly nature to keep your feet comfortable while ensuring foot health with moisture wicking.

Cotton Dress Socks: Manufactured with 85% cotton, and 15% polyamide, cotton dress socks offer long-time use with utmost comfort and softness. Additionally, they feature reinforced heels and toe sides to prevent tearing. 

Linen Dress Socks: These socks have a delicate mix of materials (40% linen, 40% cotton, and 20% polyamide) to ensure all-season suitability with a skin-friendly texture and surface to prevent irritations. These socks can be described as ideal summer socks.

Color - What Color Dress Socks To Wear?

Although dress socks have been produced in neutral and bold colors traditionally, you can now find cool dress socks in a wide array of color options including green, red, or blue. Hence, you can either choose black socks to match almost all your clothing or opt to get multicolor dress sock packs to combine them with different styles.


Why Are Dress Socks So Thin?

Dress socks are quite thin to better fit in dress shoes and prevent bunching under the trousers.

Should Dress Socks Match Shoes Or Pants?

The paramount principle when wearing dress socks is that they must match your trousers to create a smooth transition to your shoes and make you look taller.

Where to Buy Dress Socks?

With an exclusive assortment of meticulously designed and skillfully made socks, GoWith offers both crew and quarter socks in solid, multi-color, or patterned options.