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Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are among the most popular socks since they are versatile hosiery that match with various outfit styles from casual to formal and shoes such as trainers and boots.

What are Ankle Socks?

Ankle socks are short socks that are designed to cover all through your ankle and reach up to a few inches above your shoes. These ankle-length socks cover all your feet and ankle so it provides protection against blisters and chafing while offering support to ankles to bring you the comfort you need when wearing shoes.

Are ankle socks good for running?

They certainly are. These socks only cover a few inches above the ankle and therefore:

  • They show very short strips of fabric over the shoe opening and therefore, these ankle-length socks are ideal for wearing with shorts during running.
  • Ankle-support socks are also perfect for hot days in the spring and summer. Since they only cover the feet and ankles, leaving the upper parts bare, they are suitable for summer days and they will keep your ankles cool to increase your comfort while preventing insects.

How do I choose ankle socks?

You choose ankle socks primarily depending on your needs such as the season you will wear or the reason why you will put them on. Hence, you should carefully consider the conditions and requirements of your intended use as well as the properties of the materials before purchasing ankle socks.

The first issue that can help you choose ankle socks is knowing the material features. Cotton is widely used in the textile industry and also in sock production. Cotton ankle socks offer a soft and smooth texture and are more suitable for skin-sensitive users. Furthermore, cotton is breathable and prevents overheating in the shoe. As for the alpaca wool ankle socks, they are moisture-wicking and warm socks and are better for use during colder days, particularly when you are out hiking as hiking socks.


Another thing to consider before buying ankle socks is the colors and patterns on the socks. There are solid-colored or colorful ankle socks in addition to patterned, inscription, or striped socks. The patterned models are better to wear for training or casual events and daily use while the solid-colored models make perfect options to complement your formal outfit.

GoWith presents a variety of ankle socks which are made from alpaca wool and cotton. Our socks feature reinforced toes and heels to ensure durability while performance. Ankle socks also have air-conditioning channels and ankle stabilizing supports. Our baby socks collection also includes organic cotton ankle socks suitable for delicate skins of your baby.