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Non Slip Socks

Non-slip socks are a must-have hosiery for any wardrobe with their simple but effective design which features rubber or silicone dots at the sole to increase grip and minimize slipping. Commonly used in hospitals to ensure the safety of the patients, these socks are also called non slip hospital socks which provide additional support with higher friction to decrease the risk of falls and resulting injuries. They are even available in different colors to allow easier classification of higher risks.

Besides, some socks slide rolling downwards which cause a bulky feeling around your ankle due to loosely-constructed cuffs or large top openings. No slip socks also refer to the models which are designed to maintain their position with anti-slip strips. 

Considering the benefits and contribution of these non slip socks for the elderly and the patients, we, as GoWith, have designed a wide collection of crew-length or no show socks with silicone heel grips and sole grips to offer the same benefits for your everyday life.  

Why do my socks keep slipping?

It is mostly because of the nature of fabrics and surfaces. Socks are primarily for protecting your feet from cold, chafing, sweat and blisters. However, depending on your footwear style and its material, socks glide inside the shoe, thereby decreasing your athletic performance as well as your comfortable walk. Furthermore, people wear socks in their houses or during their yoga and ballet training which require them to walk on hardwood which becomes quite slippery with socks on.

How Can You Prevent Slipping of Your Feet?

The answer is quite clear and you can easily prevent slippery treads by getting several pairs of no slip socks. Our socks are designed particularly to minimize the glide by increasing the friction between the sock sole and the surface it contacts. Most of our socks feature non-slip silicone grips extending from the toes to the heel and even up to the ankle to ensure that you move comfortably and confidently without worrying about slipping during barefoot exercise or dancing sessions.

Furthermore, our socks are manufactured from bamboo, cotton or merino wool. Bamboo socks are ideal for preventing sweat and moisture in your shoes with their moisture-wicking feature, making them excellent with loafer shoes during summer. Cotton socks present a higher grip especially with sneakers, and casual or athletic shoes to enhance their agility with confident steps. We also offer merino wool socks which feature thicker fabric to keep your feet warm while helping your steps with more grip.

All GoWith socks are designed in Germany and produced in Turkey to combine innovation and high-quality production for the best socks you will have. Our no-slip collection includes crew socks to be used in hospitals or houses to avoid cold and chill while no-show socks that don't slip down are our exclusive products designed for use during exercise, yoga or dance training or with loafers, boat shoes and sneakers to complement your outfit with elegance.