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Kid's Socks

Baby socks and kids socks are very crucial for the comfort and health of your little ones since they are in direct contact with their sensitive skin for long hours. Babies and kids are in a constant process of development and growth. Their feet need supportive and proper footwear for healthy feet development. So, it is necessary to take some time and find the best socks for them to address their needs.

What to Consider When Buying Baby Socks and Kids Socks?

Babies and kids are very energetic and active for most parts of the day. Besides, their skin is much more sensitive than the adult skin types, and are more inclined to develop blisters. Additionally, their feet grow day by day unlike the adults’. Hence, you are recommended to consider the following issues before deciding on the socks that you want to purchase:


The very first thing you must consider while searching for newborn socks and kids' socks is the material with which they are constructed since they are important to retain their comfort and protect their skin. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo offer higher comfort with better moisture wicking while their softer fibers prevent irritations on the skin. You also have merino and alpaca wool socks as a perfect option because they are perfect insulators against cold while offering thermos-regulating features to keep your kid's feet at the best temperature.


Girl and boy socks as well as infant socks are presented in different designs to match their needs. Booties are like quarter socks that cover your baby’s feet until above the ankle to protect the feet while preventing overheating. Additionally, baby tights are very common to have perfect protection against cold and eliminate the risk of your baby’s taking them off. You can also find no-show, ankle or crew socks for boys and girls to complete their outfits while going to school or playing with their friends.

What Kind of Baby and Kids Socks Does GoWith Offer?

GoWith, an expert manufacturer of high-quality socks that are designed in Germany, offers booties, tights and regular socks for babies and kids. We have a rich collection of socks for people of all ages and our product range includes specially designed athletic socks, compression socks and dress socks in addition to the kids and baby socks.

We prefer organic cotton for our children's socks to ensure they are safe and healthy away from harmful and toxic materials, which is also approved with an OEKO-TEX Certificate. Furthermore, most of our baby girl socks and boy socks feature GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification by passing the necessary tests so you can rest assured that your kids are safe with products within our baby and kids collection.