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Golf Socks

Golf is one of the rare sports during which you should maintain your elegance and style. Hence, there is a term as “Golf Attire” that defines the rules of clothing for playing golf and many golf clubs still follow these golf dress codes including golf socks and require their members to adhere to these rules while playing. Furthermore, despite the limited level of required physical activity, golf players are still exposed to long-time walking and standing around the golf course. Hence, choosing proper clothing is crucial for your comfort and socks are no exception.

What Are Golf Socks?

Golf socks are specially designed socks that are primarily produced from high-quality materials such as cotton, bamboo or spandex, which feature moisture-wicking, breathability as well as sole support to address the specific conditions of golf. So, they are quite different from the standard socks.

What Are The Best Golf Socks?

GoWith is an experienced and expert manufacturer of socks for different purposes ranging from athletic socks to no-show socks for ballet or yoga as well as compression socks that are ideal for increasing performance through improving blood circulation. The company utilized its expertise and experience to create must-have golf socks that feature:

  • Moisture-wicking materials that remove the sweat and moisture away from the feet to the upper layer to ensure that your feet remain dry and cool while you walk around 18 holes.
  • Breathable texture to prevent odor while maintaining the coolness inside your shoe.
  • Seamless toe and heel tab to minimize friction and chafing, thereby reducing blisters, irritation and bruises on your skin.
  • Arch support and snug fit design to diminish tiredness while preventing slippery steps.
  • Low cut length socks to prevent hot spots around your ankle and leg by keeping height below the shoe opening.

What Color Socks With White Golf Shoes?

White golf shoes need, in fact, white socks. However, it is still equally important to preserve your chicness. As cited above, golf not only requires proper clothing to maximize your comfort while walking from one hole to the other for the next swing but also demands elegance in your outfit. So, you should pay enough attention to ensure seamless and chic clothing even with the socks. Hence, you are recommended to take the shoes and pant tones you are wearing. Basically, you can match sock colors with shoe colors and thus, white shoes match with white socks while black socks work well with black shoes.