Knee High Socks for Women

Women’s knee-high socks are long women’s socks that extend up to the knees covering feet, ankles and all mid-calves. Owing its initial popularity to the TV series in the 1980s as a part of the school uniforms, knee high socks, now, are not just to complement school uniforms but they are rather an iconic element in the fashion trends for the women.

Why Do Women Like Knee-High Socks?

This popularity of women’s knee high socks is not baseless and there are remarkable advantages that make them in demand:

- Knee socks for women offer enhanced comfort and warmth which is crucial during the autumn and winter when cold weather remains a great challenge for your outdoor activities.

- Since they are long enough to cover all parts of your lower leg, these warm socks offer higher protection against the irritation of long boots on your skin.

- These knee high socks for women also boast elegant and stylish designs which match any type of outfit.

- Women knee high socks present a versatile use with suitability to wear with boots, flats, sneakers or even tennis shoes and skates. Additionally, they can make perfect matches to shorts, skirts and leggings.

- Some of women’s knee high socks feature gradual compression to improve the blood flow for increased performance and less blisters and swelling which may result from diabetes or blood circulation problems.

GoWith serves customers with a large collection of men’s and women’s socks that are designed in Germany and produced in Turkey. Women’s knee high socks in our inventory are made from high-quality materials. For instance, we offer bamboo socks with knee high length. These premium socks present more comfort with a soft and smooth texture with moisture-wicking and breathable material. Additionally, there are wool socks designed as women’s knee high socks and better for colder days.