Women's Dress Socks

Women’s dress socks are timeless hosiery that every woman should have in their wardrobe. They are suitable for almost every occasion and for every type of attire with their rich variety of colors and lengths.

Elegance and harmony-consistency is the number one rule if women’s clothing is considered. And the women’s socks are not exempted from this crucial rule. So, we want to offer three primary questions about the use of women’s dress socks:

What Color Should Dress Socks Be?

Dress socks should be in matching color with your clothing selection. Therefore, GoWith, which is an experienced and expert sock manufacturer, offers a large assortment of women’s dress socks in various colors including solid black and white socks in addition to red, blue or other colors. Additionally, have colorful socks that feature multicolored toes with solid black socks.

Should Dress Socks Match Pants Or Shoes?

The women’s dress socks should actually match the pants, dresses or skirts you wear to create a smooth and uniform look in your appearance. This will also help you look taller with a consistent color flow. However, this is not an exact rule and you can also prefer to match it with your shoes to add a charming touch to your outfit.

How To Match Dress Socks for Women?

Women’s dress socks will enhance your style to an upper level if you create suitable matches. Firstly, you can use contrasting colors with your clothes and socks like wearing white socks in black shoes, or preferring black socks under a light colored dress. Or, it would be a dazzling choice to add colorful socks to your outfit, particularly by selecting a color that will match your shirt.