Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks have an increasing popularity among people as soft and lightweight hosiery with their production and design features. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable material that offers a higher yield with less water use. When processed and turned into soft viscose fabric, bamboo can also be used for fabric production. Bamboo socks are produced from this eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Socks Benefits

Bamboo socks are manufactured from bamboo fibers and therefore present the following benefits of bamboo fibers:

- Bamboo socks boast a smooth and soft texture and therefore, they are perfect to enhance your comfort with utmost softness while protecting your feet from blisters.

- These socks are also ideal for preventing the sweaty feeling of your feet with their moisture-wicking feature that pushes the sweat and moisture to the upper level by ensuring dry and comfortable wearing. Thus, they are suitable for wearing during training or exercise to maintain your comfort.

- Bamboo fibers also feature natural materials and they are efficient in obstructing problems of your feet.

- Bamboo socks also help prevent foot odor. So, you can wear them even during hot days and you don’t have to worry about stinky feet.

Where to Buy Bamboo Socks?

If you need a reliable store to purchase high-quality bamboo socks, GoWith is the right spot with a rich collection of bamboo socks.

- Produced from a rich blend of bamboo, polyamide, and lycra, (with different ratios so please see the product descriptions for the specific blend) our bamboo sock collection offers superior quality, enhanced softness and elasticity as well as long-term durability.

- Many of the models have seamless closures for more comfort; and reinforced toes and heels for more durability.

- Our bamboo socks are offered in a wide range of lengths including no-show, low-cut, quarter, crew, and knee-high.

- To present a suitable option for different occasions and clothing styles, we offer different patterns and colors in addition to the solid color options.

If you are in need of more socks to complete your wardrobe, we also offer cotton socks in different colors, patterns and sizes as well merino wool socks which are made from Merino sheep and they are efficient heat insulators. Or, you can prefer alpaca wool socks which are also hypoallergenic in addition to their moisture wicking feature.