Men's Non Slip Socks

Men’s non slip socks are non-skid hosiery that remain in their position with additional anti-slip tapes or rubber spots. Socks are manufactured from softer materials such as bamboo, cotton or nylon to minimize skin irritation, which also causes slipping or bunching of the socks. This will result in discomfort or even falling particularly when you have to step on the floor without shoes.

GoWith is an experienced and expert sock manufacturer and we have created a collection of non-slip socks to prevent not only slipping of the socks but also their bunching up in your shoes. Our no-show non-slip socks for men feature silicone heel grips to provide additional traction and prevent bunching of the socks by protecting their position. Available as white or black socks, these men’s non slip socks can be worn every day remaining hidden in your shoes.

Our non-slip sock collection also includes warm socks for men with rubber pads at the sole to provide secure and stable steps for you particularly when you want to take off your shoes and walk on the wood flooring which is quite slippery. Additionally, these socks are made from merino wool and present enhanced insulation making them ideal for use as men’s boot socks.