Cabin Socks

Cabin socks are the iconic part of the cozy winter scene which depicts a woman sitting on her comfortable armchair, drinking her coffee and watching outside while snowing silently in the movies. So, just like the situation in this scene, the winter or the cold days remind you of your need for warm socks.

What are cabin socks?

Cabin socks are soft, thick and warm socks that will keep your feet warm even if you have cold feet or your house is cold. These cozy cabin socks feature construction from cotton, wool to insulate the body heat inside and maintain the warmth for your feet. Furthermore, they generally have thicker fabric to protect your feet from cold weather inside or outside of your house.

What to Wear with Cabin Socks?

Cabin socks are thick bulky socks and it is hard to wear with regular shoes comfortably. However, they can make a perfect match with boots since they are much more protective against friction while preserving the warmth of feet better with thicker fabric.

Where to Find High Quality Cabin Socks?

GoWith retains an exclusive assortment of high-quality cabin socks that are designed in Germany and produced in Turkey. We carry premium quality socks which comprise almost 100% cotton and some models also feature organic cotton while there are also merino wool socks which offer enhanced comfort with a moisture-wicking feature that removes the sweat to the upper layers and keeps the feet dry.

Cabin socks are also available in various colors to enable you to choose the best color that will suit your outfit. You can find solid colored socks in green or blue or you can choose your favorite among our ribbed models in colorful socks. In addition, some cabin socks have non-slip rubber pads at the bottom to ensure your security while walking in your house.