Diabetic Socks

Your selection of outfit is not just a showcase of your style but also a significant factor that affects your health. Socks are also quite influential on our health since they are usually worn all through the day. The material, design and construction of the socks are crucial for a comfortable day particularly when you have diabetes which requires proper foot care. Diabetic socks are ideal for the people who have such a problem since they are designed and manufactured accordingly.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed socks that feature looser construction to allow better blood circulation, softer texture to prevent blisters and suitable fit to prevent chafing. People with diabetes are prone to develop foot problems, swollen feet and blisters because of the damage to the veins and nerves, which can cause serious problems when ignored. 

Therefore, socks for diabetics are designed to decrease and minimize these problems by reducing blisters with proper fit not to cause chafing. Produced with soft materials and seamless design, socks for neuropathy decrease friction which may otherwise cause blisters on the skin. These diabetic socks also help relieve blood circulation problems with non-binding cuffs that allow proper return of blood back to heart.

Are Diabetic Socks the Same as Compression Socks?

Diabetic socks may be confused with compression socks which are also designed to improve blood circulation problems in the feet and calves by applying pressure on the muscles. However, diabetic socks are looser-constructed hosiery which are intended not to obstruct blood flow. 

Do Diabetic Socks Help with Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is usually the result of diabetes and refers to the loss of feeling in the feet and toes. Hence, patients with diabetes do not feel the pain in case of damage in their feet. Therefore, preferring neuropathy socks is a savior to minimize the blisters which may be caused by the regular socks. In addition, diabetic socks are effective in improving blood circulation, thereby decreasing the blood pooling and swelling in the feet.

Furthermore, our diabetic socks are made from breathable and moisture wicking materials which remove the sweat and moist to the upper level. So, your feet remain comfortable and dry in your shoes with our moisture wicking sock models.

Why Should You Prefer GoWith to Purchase Diabetic Socks?

You will see numerous options of diabetic socks from different materials such as bamboo, linen or organic cotton when you start looking for them but you should make the right decision to have all the benefits that you demand. For instance, we, as GoWith, present bamboo diabetic socks which boast high quality construction from soft materials as well as reinforced heels and toes for more comfort and protection. Additionally, we carry organic cotton diabetic socks that comply with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.