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7 Reasons to Prefer Merino Wool Socks for Summer

by GoWith Socks 12 Jun 2024
7 Reasons to Prefer Merino Wool Socks for Summer
It's finally summertime, which means planning exciting marathons, breathing in the sweet, floral notes of blossoming flowers, and feeling the soft breeze brush by you. Sounds perfect, right? All is idyllic except for the bright summer sun, which has you sweating and blistering. 
If you'd rather step out of the summer season with minimal irritation and zero blisters, it's time you upgrade your wardrobe with merino wool socks. You're thinking, 'Wool? In the hot, sweaty summer season? I'll go crazy!'
We get it, but here us out! These oh-so-comfy, moisture-wicking socks aren't like the ones your grandma lovingly hand-knit for the Holiday season. Instead, the best merino wool socks for summer are made of a soft, fine, and sustainable material that keeps your feet cool, dry and much less stinky.
So, if you're wondering 'Are Merino Wool socks good for summer?' let's trek into the science behind these luxe, breathable socks and why they're perfect for all summer activities.
hiking socks in summer time

Should You Rock Merino Wool in Summer?

Still shuddering at the thought of wearing Merino wool? Worry not; we'll dive into why this type of wool is the number one choice among active folks.
While many imagine Merino wool to be a thick, itchy fabric, this is far from the truth! This soft, comfy material is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. The thinner natural fibers in merino wool socks prevent them from sticking to the skin, making you feel dry and cool.
Furthermore, while practicing your runs under the hot summer sun, these elastic, irritant-free socks minimize the risk of blisters.

The Many Benefits of Picking the Best Merino Wool Socks for Summer

Unsure if merino wool socks are your thing? Here's why these versatile socks are fantastic for your feet all year round:

You'll Feel Cooler than Ever

If the word 'wool' gives you that wintery Christmas vibe, you're likely thinking, 'Merino wool socks are warm'. The truth is these comfy socks boast natural thermoregulating properties, keeping your feet dry and happy in summertime.
The fine-quality and natural crimps in merino wool socks form tiny air pockets, releasing inside heat and wicking away all your sweat to keep you dry and safe from overheating. 

You Get Unmatched Breathability

There's no worse feeling than running with sweat pooling in your shoes and the socks sticking to your feet. Cringing at the very thought? That's where merino wool socks come in, saving you from blisters and discomfort!
With these breathable, lightweight socks wicking away moisture and letting air travel towards your body, your feet will be stoked!

Get Rid of All Unpleasant Smells

Have you ever accidentally smelt your sweaty socks after a run? Don't want to get a whiff of that unpleasant odor again? That's what merino wool socks do- keeping the stink at bay while increasing comfort to a maximum!
The wool's exceptional breathability and anti-bacterial properties ensure a cooler, drier and bacteria-free environment, providing the best merino wool socks in summer. It means you can wear them for hours without worrying about stinks or washing after a single use.

Say Hello to Moisture-Wicking Capabilities

Sweat and moisture are your #1 enemies in the hot, uncomfortable summer weather. From blisters and sores to the discomfort of sticky, wet clothes, your average high-plush socks do nothing for foot hot spots.
The good news is merino wool socks have natural sweat-wicking properties, holding about 30% of their water weight without sticking to your feet! The comfy socks store this water deep within the fine fiber, keeping heat from getting trapped and helping your feet dry faster.

They're Super Comfy and Durable

Ever pulled a sock out of the laundry only to find it looking like the North American map? The best merino wool socks for summer offer unmatched durability and temperature resistance, allowing them to withstand all sorts of activity.
Merino wool's natural, sturdy fiber makes it naturally robust and able to stand repeated squeezing, washing, bending and folding. It means no sagging, stretching or deforming within a week of wearing the socks!
Besides, these sustainable, eco-friendly socks are super flexible, conforming to your foot size and ensuring maximum comfort during your favorite summertime activities.

Wave Goodbye to Blisters and Itchiness

You'd expect merino wool to be itchy. But merino's fine, flexible fiber bends with your body's movement, offering exceptional elasticity and comfort.
Moreover, the thin and lightweight merino wool socks minimize friction, making them soothing and plush. The protein keratin in this material also ensures the socks are irritant-free and gentle on your skin.

No Never-Ending Washing Cycles

We've all been there- washing your favorite white-colored pair of socks, scrubbing incessantly, hoping the stains will come off. Never again! With the best merino wool socks for summer, you won't have to worry about picking the 'perfect' detergent or washing for hours.
Instead, you can chuck your socks into the washing machine, hit the low-temperature button, and wait for a clean and fresh pair to rock your summer!
hiking with shorts and socks

Are the Best Merino Wool Socks for Summer Good for Sweaty Feet?

With all these benefits (and more!) of merino wool in summer, these are undoubtedly the perfect socks for those with an active lifestyle. Whether you're an avid runner or enjoy hiking on the weekend, GoWith offers luxe merino wool compression socks to oomph up your adventurous experience.
What's more? These fine-quality socks take the stress of sweaty, smelly feet off your shoulders, allowing air to move between you and the environment. It means no unpleasant odors, zero discomfort, and maximum fun during the warm season!

The Bottom Line

Ready to leave blister town behind and embrace sweat-free coolness? Try the best Merino wool socks this summer to give your feet some TLC and your body comfort. With its endless benefits, these soft, comfy, and long-lasting socks are ideal for all your summertime adventures.
Once you've tried these wool socks, trust us, you'll never look back! From natural moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties to eliminating unpleasant odors, merino wool socks in summer are the smart choice.
So, grab a few merino wool pairs for your wardrobe and keep your feet dry, relaxed and happy.
GoWith offers a wide variety of merino wool socks you can flaunt for style, durability and comfort. Available in different colors, sizes and lengths, you can surely find one that matches your taste. Whether you pick our fuzzy christmas socks or the cozy ones, you will get the same level of fit and feel, GoWith is proud of. So what are you waiting for? Check our store and find the one best suited for your needs.

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