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Hiking Socks: Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pair 2024

by GoWith Socks 19 Jun 2024
Hiking Socks: Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Pair 2024

Planning to go on a long day trip or a quick day hike? Then apart from hiking shoes, don’t forget to prepare your hiking socks too! Despite being overlooked all the time, having the best socks for hiking is crucial in improving your performance and scaling up your comfortability. Here, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the best hiking socks. 

What are hiking socks?

Hiking socks are simply socks designed for hiking. Why does it matter then? Unlike regular socks,  the best hiking socks are made to help your feet withstand any extreme outdoor activities. Some of its notable features include enhancement in toughness, moisture-wicking properties, and hiking boots tailored fit. 

What is the difference between hiking and walking socks?

Often, socks look similar, but tailored socks, like those made for hiking, have materials like added cushioning for extra foot protection. On the other hand, walking socks are much lighter but do not offer the same amount of durability and protection compared to hiking socks. You will eventually feel stress on your toes with ordinary walking socks, rather than when you use the right hiking socks. Additionally, hiking socks have better moisture management capabilities and can handle massive sweetness and environmental conditions compared to ordinary socks. 

What kind of socks to use for hiking?

Hiking requires different kinds of socks, depending on the weather conditions and the wearer’s personal preference. In general, hiking socks are made from synthetic materials, blends, and wool that are ideal for hiking. Merino wool type like GoWith’s merino wool crew lightweight hiking boot socks, offers exceptional natural odor resistance and breathability, while synthetic materials like Nylon and Polyester are much more durable and rapid drying. 

For reference, here’s what you should consider. 

● Short walks and mild weather are ideal for wearing lightweight hiking socks

Midweight hiking socks are excellent for added cushioning.

● For long, exhausting walks in cold weather, heavyweight socks are the perfect choice. 

how to choose hiking socks for men and women

Do hiking socks make a difference?

Do you often wonder if wearing hiking socks makes a difference? Well absolutely! These hiking socks provide the comfort that every hiker needs, prevent blisters, and add support that would assure safety on every trip. Hiking socks can even turn your exhausting hike into a fun trip that ensures your feet are healthy and pain-free. Wearing hiking socks not only provides comfort but also reduces the wear and tear on the interior extending the life of your hiking boots. 

Are Compression socks good for Hiking?

Compression socks are beneficial when hiking, as they provide improved circulation, enhanced post-hike recovery, and reduced muscle fatigue. It also maintains your leg’s blood flow, minimizing swelling especially on long treks. Compression socks often come in both a cushioned, and non-cushioned type, hence the former is most advisable if you’re using it for hiking. 

What are the Best socks for Summer Hiking?

Your winter hiking socks need to have insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable when hiking through snow and colder conditions. A thicker cushioning is essential to avoid freezing your toes down and acquire added warmth. Also opt for the best sock material for hiking in cold conditions, such as those made with Merino or Alpaca Wool, like the Alpaca Wool Hiking Boot Socks which are available in different lengths and designs. 

Key Features of Hiking Socks


Let's talk about the materials that make up your hiking socks. You want to look for socks made from top-notch materials like merino wool, synthetic blends, or even a mix of both. These are the best sock materials for hiking. On the other hand, Merino wool types are the best socks for hiking in hot weather, and like the superhero of sock materials – it wicks away moisture, lasts a long time, and keeps your feet at just the right temperature, no matter the weather. Synthetic blends add some extra durability and dry super-fast, so your feet stay comfy and dry all day long. 


Now, let’s proceed to the cushions. Hiking is a strenuous activity, and being equipped with gears that provide extra comfort is very much likely what you’ll want to have. There are two options - lightweight cushioning, and heavy cushioning. For long hikes and rough terrain, the heavyweight cushion is perfect as this provides additional support and protection, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Hence, before buying, it is best to know which cushion you prefer, depending on the kind of hike you are planning.

Fit and Size

Whether you’re hiking or simply just walking, socks that are too tight or too loose are a no go. So look for socks that will fit snugly. For a cozy hike, you want socks that will not distract you continuously. The fit and size are qualities to carefully consider when purchasing and it is advisable to choose socks with an ergonomic design. This is to avoid rubbing and irritation like those socks with seamless construction. Additionally, for you to avoid slipping down halfway on your hike it is a must to look for the right sock size based on your shoe size. Always confirm with the manufacturer’s size chart as different brands may have different sizing options. 


Similar to cushioning, hiking socks also come in different heights. Find whichever fits the activity you are doing. Ankle socks are best for low-cut hiking shoes or when trail running, while mid-height socks offer a bit more coverage and versatility. On the other hand, Knee-high socks are like the big guns – perfect for cold weather or rough terrain where you need that extra protection. The rule of thumb is simple, consider your shoes and the level of coverage you require. 


You do want your hiking socks to endure all of your trips, don't you? Seek for socks that are constructed from durable, premium materials and can withstand whatever abuse the path may give, like GoWith’s Hiking Socks. In this manner, you won't have to worry about wearing out your socks too quickly especially if hiking isn’t just a hobby for you. 


Lastly, let's not overlook and discuss breathability. Bet you don't want massive feet of sweetness that would disturb your hike right? It is preferable to choose socks with breathable materials and moisture-wicking capabilities to keep your feet cool and dry. Your feet will surely appreciate it later. 

choosing right socks for nature

Buying Guide for Hiking Socks

How to choose Hiking Socks?

Follow these steps when purchasing hiking socks: 

● Decide on the kind of hike: It is crucial to know the hike’s duration, the terrain, and the weather to know which kind of weight socks you would choose. ( refer to the stated info above). 

● Choose the right material: The materials you choose will have a great effect so make the hike’s demand as a basis in choosing. It is advisable to purchase a hiking sock made with synthetic blends and merino wool. 

● Select the appropriate cushioning: Match the cushioning level to the hike’s intensity and your comfort preference. 

● Find the right fit: Ensure the socks fit well without being too tight or too loose. 

● Check for additional features: Look for reinforced areas, seamless construction, and moisture-wicking properties. 

● Consider the sock height: Choose the height that best suits your boots and hiking conditions. 

Where to find Hiking Socks?

Opt for a sock manufacturer that has years of experience in the industry, like GoWith. For over 30 years, GoWith has been manufacturing quality socks for different purposes, both for men and women. Currently, there are more than 20 types of hiking socks you can choose from.


When hiking, it’s not just the hiking shoes that matter. Part of the gear you need to prepare is your hiking socks, making the trip more enjoyable and comfortable at the same time. Choosing the appropriate socks for certain circumstances would be beneficial for you as it enhances your outdoor experience. Now what are you waiting for? Grab your hiking socks and ensure that every step of your adventure is enjoyable and cozy.

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