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How to Choose Yoga Socks for Women: 5 Features you should look for

by GoWith Socks 10 May 2024
how to choose yoga socks

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How to Choose Yoga Socks for Women: 5 Features you should look for!

How to Choose Yoga Socks for Women: 5 Features you should look for!

In yoga, wearing socks can disrupt focus, or you think it will because you’re wearing regular socks. Contrary to popular opinion, yoga socks are purposely designed to offer grip, hygiene, and warmth, ensuring stability and comfort while in practice. In this blog, discover how the right pair can elevate your practice and bring newfound ease to your mat experience

What are Yoga Socks?

Also known as Grip or Pilates Socks, Yoga Socks are specially designed garments that allow extra protection on your feet. It also provides additional grip when doing ballet, pilates, or yoga. In most common scenarios, yoga socks are required for megaformer and reformer pilates classes. But whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just stepping into a new fitness activity, getting activewear like yoga socks will be useful. So whether you’re into dancing, pilates, or just into yoga, You need a perfect yoga sock that would bring your training to the next level!

Can you wear socks in yoga?

In particular, yoga socks are made to enhance your practice and to answer the common question – Yes. Yoga socks can be used for your yoga practice. Others choose to wear socks in practice for various reasons, such as protection especially if you’re doing such activities outside. Yoga socks are perfectly made to be breathable. Having one that has a moisture-wicking material eases and gives the wearer a cozy feeling in your practice. These non-slip yoga socks have textured soles to flawlessly connect and have stability on the mat, specifically for poses that require balance or involve sliding movements.

Do you take off socks for yoga?

It is based on personal preference on whether you’ll wear socks for yoga. Hence, styles like Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga often require yoga socks with grips to protect with movement and balance. There are also situations where you’ll feel more comfortable with socks, like when you’re in a cold environment or practicing outside. Just keep in mind that regular socks won’t simply do the trick. It’s important to have non-slip yoga socks to have a better grip with your mat and on the ground.

Key Features of Yoga Socks for Women

Wearing the right yoga socks

Comfortable Fit

Let’s talk about fit. Yoga requires light clothing, and the same extends to socks. It’s important that your yoga socks feel like second skin. It is important to have activewear that gives you a grip for good balance, in performing dynamic movements, and at the same time, is comfortable for all-day wear. Likewise, you must look for yoga socks with seamless toe construction stretchy material, and cushioned bottoms that would avoid feeling restrictive but mold flawlessly on your feet and give you the comfort you need.

Grip and Traction

Ever slipped in downward dog and ended up in a face plant? Yeah, not fun. That's where grip and traction butts in. Aside from looking for yoga socks that are comfortable, it is also a must to choose a yoga socks with grips to keep you steady on your mat even during the sweatiest of sessions. To avoid slipping during poses, grip is important to maintain stability. To be able to achieve this It is a must to find yoga socks that are made with a silicone grip that provides reliable traction whether you’re practicing on a hardwood floor or a practicing mat.

Breathability and Moisture Management

During yoga, nobody likes having sweaty feet, therefore, find a breathable yoga sock and moisture-wicking properties. When selecting a sock it is best to choose the one that promotes airflow and keeps odor at bay, to preserve personal hygiene while doing activities. Yoga can be a sweaty business, so breathability is key. It is best to choose socks that are designed with breathability. Additionally, these materials will help the air to circulate and aside from comfortability, it will also prevent unwanted odors, so your feet will stay fresh till the end of your practice.

Durability and Longevity

Yoga socks might seem small, but they endure a lot – frequent washing, intense stretching, you name it. Durability is one of the key points of yoga practices. It is a must to find yoga socks with reinforced stitching and made with high-quality materials that are for long-term use. Aside from the benefit that this would reduce the environmental footprint, it will also save you money in the long run. Hence it’s also best to check the sock care instructions to better familiarize with how to keep your socks looking great.

Versatility and Function

Who says yoga socks are just for yoga? These pairs are versatile enough to use both on and off the mat. Whether you're gracing out moves in ballet class, or toning your core in Pilates, a pair of yoga socks can be multi-functional. While you're primarily buying yoga socks for yoga, it's worth considering the pair’s versatility for other activities like regular walking. Look for socks with multi-activity compatibility features, allowing you to use them for various workouts, such as GoWith Yoga Pilates Socks.

Buying Guide for Yoga Socks

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit

Wearing comfortable yoga socks

To ensure a flawless performance on your every practice it is essential to find the perfect fit. That is why here are some helpful tips to help you get the right size:

● Refer to the Manufacturer’s Size chart and measure your feet, to ensure your choice will accurately fit you.

● Yoga socks must be compact to stay put during excessive movements however, it should not be so tight that they will restrict circulation. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the convenience of the socks.

● Find the perfect brand and style that will fit the shape and size of your feet.

● If you’re having second thoughts on sizes, opt for a larger size to prevent discomfort.

Benefits of Wearing Yoga Socks

● Hygiene: With dozens who come by yoga studios and mats, germs, and bacteria are inevitable, and to help maintain proper hygiene, it is best to wear yoga socks.

● Warmth: If you happen to live in cool climates, these socks can help to keep you warm at the same time feel comfortable to avoid distractions in your practice.     

● Injury Prevention: Wearing socks that provide extra support helps practitioners to reduce discomfort and lessen the risk of existing injuries.         

● Enhanced Grip: Yoga Socks with grips, improve traction and stability in your practice, especially on slippery areas or mats that are worn.

Budget Considerations and Value for Money

Getting the cheapest option might always look tempting. It’s just socks after all. However, it’s best to invest in the best quality yoga socks that make a great difference in your practices. Look for yoga socks that fit your budget and at the same time would be valuable based on durability, performance, and features. All in all, it is a must to remember that quality socks may cost more but they are made to last long and provide better support in the long run.

Where to Find Yoga Socks for Women

As a sock manufacturer for over 30 years, GoWith has massive experience in producing and manufacturing quality socks that fit into your lifestyle. GoWith Women's Yoga Pilates Socks are made with premium quality combed cotton and can fit women’s shoe sizes 7-11. It’s packed with grip and shock absorption features and a cushioned bottom for added comfortability plus a cute ballet-inspired design for aesthetic flair. It also has another pilates grip socks design for when you feel like having an extra pair that has the same features but is completely different in style.


To sum it all up, it is best to check every factor and feature of your yoga socks before purchasing them. The goal is to take your ordinary yoga practice to the next level and to have a better connection to the world without practicing barefoot. Now that you have read this guide, you are ready to purchase the perfect and suitable yoga socks for you!

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