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Quarter Socks

There are a number of sock types which offer benefits for different uses, occasions and places. Quarter socks are also one of these types with different features.

What are Quarter Socks?

Quarter socks are low-profile socks that cover about 25% of calves when your lower leg below your knees is considered just like its name suggests. They cover all ankle area and reach below the mid-calf which makes them shorter than the crew socks but longer than ankle socks. In addition, they present much comfort by protecting your ankles, achilles, and lower calf against the chafing by the shoes in addition to the lighter and cooler structure without a bulky or hot feeling. 

Additionally, quarter socks present a perfect choice when you want more coverage around your ankles. These quarter-length socks offer enough protection against dust, debris, or insects and therefore, they are ideal for use on a hiking tour or a walk in a forest. 

How Do You Wear Quarter Socks?

Quarter-high socks are versatile hosiery that can be matched with various styles of clothing for different occasions. Firstly, they are perfect to wear with sneakers or trainers for physical activities since quarter socks offer higher moisture-wicking features and sweat absorption to keep your feet dry while ensuring more comfort with temperature regulation. Hence, they are ideal for different seasons, either for cooler days of autumn or a temperate summer day.

Furthermore, quarter high socks are excellent matches with casual style especially when combined with loafers, jeans and a shirt. Or, you can make them a part of your casual smart style when going to work if your office does not require a perfectly-formal dress code. You can choose the solid colored and black quarter socks not to compromise your professionalism.

Finding the Right Quarter Socks

Since quarter-length socks stand as a chic and beneficial option to wear not only for everyday use but also for physical activities, they are available in a diverse range differing in material, style and color. Quarter socks are offered with bamboo that has high moisture wicking or cotton that feature a soft and smooth texture. Furthermore, solid-colored black socks are ideal for formal clothing as dress socks while the striped options are primarily intended for training and walking with a touch of sporty pattern. Moreover, we, as GoWith, also offer quarter socks for women and quarter socks for men that will provide additional soft protection for skin against chafing.